0 Forex Automoney - Basic Terms, Understanding and Concept of the Forex Automoney Machines

Since the internet and the online information revolution had occurred, the web is loaded with many financial services that suppose to help a growing trend of Forex online trading. Some of these services offer their best advice on matters of when to buy and sell financial assets.

These services are often known under the name of "Forex Auto Money Machines" or "Online Forex Robots".

The idea behind these "Machines" is that they provide full information regarding when to buy and when to sell financial service (signals), so that in the end of the day the trader will gain profit.

The investments strategy of these companies that have been used is confidential, both from the general public and from the users themselves.

Usually the investments strategy is based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or the combination of the two.
Due to the confidential aspect and the lack of information, it is impossible to compare between different companies strategies. The only absolute data one can compare is the actual results of each one of the companies.

The user usually gets the information from online "dashboard", which indicates in a very clear and easy way when to buy and when to sell the financial assets. Most of the companies provide a certain period, in which the user can claim his money back, in case he isn't satisfied with the recommended investments results.

These companies provide signals on more than one pair of currencies. It will be a mistake to assume that all of the pairs have the same success results. The "dashboard" gives the user the option to choose his trading style, which means that he can have a day trading strategy, an intra-day trading strategy or a more long-term strategy. The user should know that the results between different horizon strategies techniques may vary significantly. Some companies will provide better signals regarding one trading strategy than another.

The level of accuracy of these companies is controversial. One can find over the internet different opinions regarding the success percentage of each one of the companies out there. Due to the highly confidential regulation of the companies' techniques, there is a lack of unbiased academy research on that subject. This fact only contributes to the controversy of the subject and to frequent un-based comments that every salesperson says about his own company results and about the competitors' results.

A private research team took this great study opportunity in order to evaluate, if there is some true in a wide spread rumor that one of the companies' performance is outstanding in this market standards. One of the Forex Automoney Machines was selected to this study, and was tested over long period of time with extensive numbers of deals and on different horizon techniques, in order to try and find out if they can provide consistent success over time.

You can learn more about this on-going research results on http://www.forexautomoney-review.com.

From Michael Kahiri - MBA in Finance and Trading strategies.

Michael Kahiri

MBA In Finance and Trading strategies, day trader and a huge experience in financial services evaluation and compression.

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