0 How Forex work?

Forex market allows you to buy and sell currencies against each other and speculate on the differences in exchange rates

Making a transaction on the Forex Market is simple:

The procedures are identical to that of any other market so switching to trading currencies is straightforward for most traders.

Buying/Selling - B/S

If you want to open a position (i.e.: place an order to sell – to make a profit if the exchange rate falls) you have to choose the amount (i.e.: 100.000 EURUSD) from the drop down menu on the platform and then click the mouse on the sell currency button: SELL (if you want to place an order to buy, you should act in reverse).
This will open a position in the market and you will receive an immediate notification of it on your trading station.
To close an open position, you have to do the opposite of the initial operation – in our case buy the 100.000 EURUSD back.

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