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Are you looking to get ahead on the market and finally start making some money? There really is only ONE best way and that is through a good, reliable Forex trading software program. We can sit here and discuss all the different formations such as: Head and shoulders or cat in the blah blah blah .. it honestly will not do anything for you but lose your trading capital in record time. I have found that technical analysis will help if two things are in place:

1. Use technical analysis so that the trading indicators are used in a complimentary fashion. This basically means that you do not need two of the same type of trading indicators telling you the same thing. You want trading indicators that will describe lagging, predictive or other type of information that will inform you so that you can have confidence getting in and out of a trade. I personally prefer to use the 200 day moving average and the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI).

2. Most importantly, you should never use technical analysis alone; it should be supported so that a reliable trading software program compliments it. This is the stuff that trading champions are made of.
So, from one experienced trader to another Forex trader, if you are looking for the best Forex training period then I would get your hands on a good reliable Forex trading software (I have included an objective review at the bottom of the page, the link can be found just below) and brush up on a few technical indicators to go along with it.

I am sure that this simple and straight up approach will be the best Forex training period!
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