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Millions of people are currently involved in the business of trading foreign currencies; this is called the foreign exchange market. This financial market is considered as the world's largest market; wherever currency is used this market is present. This has led to an estimated four trillion dollars worth of trade each day as estimated by the Bank of International Settlement. However, being able to capitalize on the grand opportunities in this market is difficult. Many traders would attest to the fact that your odds of being successful in currency trading are very low and you would most probably end up losing money. If you are willing to risk it, then you must first learn how to analyze the forex market.

Analyzing the forex market comes in two ways; one is to use the fundamentals to know where and what to trade the other is to use technical analysis. In the former, you would use political, economic, interest and government issues in order to predict the prices of the market in the future. Contrary to this, the second and more common way to analyze the market is to use technical analysis which deals with statistical data and the emotions of the trader.

The trader would determine the price by looking at the past or the history of a given currency. Since it is believed that history would always repeat itself, the predictions of the trader would be based on the past performance of the currency as well as other statistical data so that he or she can make the appropriate trades.
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